proposées par Speed'Irène
proposées par Annie CORTHESY
01 - Copperhead Road
Copperhead Road (Steve Smith) Copperhead Road
02 - Neon Moon
Simply cha cha (Barry Durand)
Neon Moon 2000 (Nagoya Crazy Feet)
Neon Circle cha cha (Ray Denham)
Cowboy cha cha
Almost cha cha (D. J. Lansaw)
Vertical Expressions (Teresa Lawrence & Vera Fisher)
Margarita Cha (Cyndee Neel)
03 - American Spirit
Two Step Buy Me A Drink (Maggie Gallagher) (avec le même bridge que dans la danse à la fin des murs 2 et 6)
04 - Mercury Blues
Mercury Blues (Maryann Ziegler) Wishful Thinking (Jim O’Neill)
05 - The Dance
Sailor's Dream (Hank & Mary Dahl) Where We've Been (Lana Harvey Wilson)
06 - Dixieland Delight
We Can Still Country 2-step (Marjie Parrigin) Buy Me A Drink (Maggie Gallagher)
07 - Reggae Cowboy
Reggae Cowboy (Guylaine Fontaine)
Diamond Reggae / Diamond Back Stomp / Diamond Back Shuffle
Diamond Reggae Cowboy (Gene Shrivener)
08 - It's a Long Way to Ireland
Valse lente Within Easy Reach (Rob Fowler)
09 - Much Too Young
Much Too Young (Gary Lafferty) Stitch It Up (Robbie McGowan Hickie)
10 - Summertime Blues
Summertime Blues (Ralph Dishaw)  
11 - Time Marches On
Time marches on (Peter Metelnick) Sunday Driver (Kathy Heller)
12 - Heartland Heartland (Ian St Leon)
Buffalo Wings (Gail Smith & Ian St Leon)
The World (Maggie Gallagher)


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